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Brian "Bri" Gates, Executive Protection Specialist/ Private Detective continues to perform professional protection security details in North America, West Indies, UAE, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Mexico, and The United Kingdom.

Brian's satisfied client list includes internationally recognized CEO's, VIP's, Actors, Screen and Stage entertainers. This all while performing on tour, during personal appearances, red carpet, meet and greets, book signings, speaking engagements, television program filming, concerts, business travel and holiday. Close Protection Agent Brian Gates provides with total confidence, the protection of many internationally recognized clients and their family members.

Professional, polite but firm, Brian Gates respectfully blends in with the surroundings or be the upfront, visible deterrent while his clients remain safe and comfortable on all levels. Confidentiality is assured while the attire is agreeable to the client and atmosphere. This may include smart casual, professional business suit or prestigious black tie. Ranging from Motorcycle to concert setting to the business meeting, Brian is the consummate professional which allows the you" The Client" to be comfortable while at any event, on the greens or walking the red carpet. Everyone involved will remain safe and secure while uninterrupted, maintaining their optimal life schedule.

Professional services include but are not limited to Executive Protection ,Safety and Security Consultation,Training, Certification to Law Enforcement Officers Firearms, DT / Impact Weapons /OCAT/ MEB, PPCT, MOAB , Private Investigation's, employee/tour crew background checks, consultation, travel, event planning and advance evaluation to the in-person details, Brian Gates enjoys a very healthy lifestyle living drug free, tobacco free & alcohol free on and off duty  in his private life and while maintaining your personal safety. With total confidence and peace of mind you are guaranteed to enjoy your life while Brian Gates consistently remains the consummate dedicated protection professional.

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