Who We Are

Providing all levels of security with confidential services including Private Investigations, Service of Process', Background checks, Advance and Close Protection while on holiday or travel for events in the United States and other countries including but not limited to the UK & UAE.

Protecting at-risk public figures is MBG Protection's passion and life’s work; therefore, MBGP's most innovative, creative, and committed problem solvers are dedicated to their profession and are the MBGP's most successful protection agents.


A career in public figure protection means we protect our clients where and when they need us most. This means protecting them around the clock, and protecting them where they spend a majority of their time - at their homes and workplaces. It’s precisely at these locations that public-figures are most frequently attacked, so the home and workplace are where we invest many of our resources, training, manpower, and technology.

Beyond residential protection, we protect clients at public appearances, movie locations, television studios, and political events. We travel internationally with clients planned in advance or at moment's notice.

MBG Protection provides training and Certificate Courses throughout one’s career and continues to offer several updated training programs all levels of security.

At MPG Protection we work every day towards improving our client’s safety, security, and peace of mind.

Creative Solutions

Utilizing our firm’s extensive resources, state-of-the-art technology, innovative training methods, and well-earned reputation, MBGP protectors continue to develop creative solutions for any challenge to our clients’ safety or well-being.


We are not personal assistants, we are protection professional in safety and security this is the Career. And a career in public figure protection is not easy. Our clients require close protection 24 hours a day; this means we often work New Years Day and Christmas and every day in between.

We work at least 48 hours per week or a lot more; we travel tens of thousands miles a year, some details we'll work long stretches on challenging assignments – and yes we do work very hard.


One MBGP Associate recently wrote,

“There’s no other profession for me. I love my career for so many reasons. The main reason, however, is because who we are at MBGP is also who I am as a person. MBGP and I are the perfect fit; we share the same values. We're passionate about a career in protection and we're forging on with total confidence toward the future. The fact is, this is my passion”