What Others Say

I have been with Brian while he was working with a very high level artist friend of mine and he is nothing but the best. Brian is very professional, outside of the box thinker in unusual situations and circumstances and friendly to boot. He keeps a smile on his face while maintaining a high level of professionalism and security during the job.... Well Done Brian. I look forward to working with you personally one day soon.

Elizabeth V.  CA

I worked with Brian several years where we protected VIP guests and invited guests at an annual premier. Brian was the quintessential quite professional. He worked extremely well with a team of guys that had come in from different parts of the world for a week in Washington, DC. On the 2nd night I was the shift leader and Brian did an excellent job. Brian is the mark of a true professional where he put aside his company owner status and pride and worked well under supervision. I highly recommend Brian Gates and his services.

Eric K.  VA

I first met Brian Gates whilst providing security services for the U.S. Band AEROSMITH, during their visit to Abu Dhabi in 2009. Soon after that Brian and I became colleagues for approximately 3 months and we provided security at the IDEX event in Abu Dhabi for different clients. I found Brian Gates to be a high caliber security professional, a tremendously good martial artists and family man with a heart of gold. Brian and I keep in touch on a regular basis and I often turn to him for advice on various security matters, as he has an extreme good knowledge on security matters, armed/unarmed combat and life in general. He is very dedicated to his job and the years of experience in his field of expertise do not go unnoticed. I have great respect for Brian and highly recommend him.

Nikolai E.  UAE / IRAN 

Brian is the consummate professional in every aspect. He is excellent at dealing with people and yet when need be...he has the ability to be firm and handle any safety situation as it arises. In the business of protecting celebrities and people of all kinds...he is #1 

Krystal K.K.  FL

I have known Brian Gates for many years and his vast knowledge in the mixed martial arts has made him second to none in the personal security field.

Mike C.  TX

Brian, Your assistance in an executive protection capacity was superb and directly contributed to the team's successful completion; you were selected to be the Detail Leader for a Film Red Carpet Event based on your passed performance, and performed this leadership function exceptionally well.

You were top notch and a significant part of the team effort. I wish to commend you for your service.


Steve B.  VA

Mr. Gates is very trustworthy! He takes his job very serious! It is an honor and privilege to know this man!

Brian H.   OH

In the fifteen plus years of our business relationship, Brian has managed every detail of the services he provides with expertise, professionalism and commitment to his clients satisfaction. He can always be counted on to go above and beyond to ensure that all the requirements of a project are taken care of professionally. He maintains timely communications throughout the process, ensuring no unexpected roadblocks are presented without a plan to deal with them. I am honored to have him as a business associate.

Tom G.   PA

Brian not only kept things running smoothly for a huge event we had, but he was a nice guy to hang out with throughout the week. He takes pressure in stride and ensures that his teams get their job done without interfering with the event. He is professional, courteous and confident.

Scott L.  DE

Brian, you are the best bodyguard I can ever have, so professional, keeping me and my family safe always!

Robbie K.  Las Vegas

Brian, as professionals, we are prepared to respond to the physical and emotional needs of the families we serve. Fear of violent or aggressive acts against members of a family are a great concern. 

For this reason, your recent response for security is acknowledged with appreciation by the staff of this firm. You and your team rendered a level of assurance and safety that averted a very dangerous situation.

Your performance and appearance can only be described as professional. Action was taken only when necessary while remaining alert. You moved through congested areas and yet maintained a low profile. Courtesy was extended to our staff through excellent communication, advice and consultation.

It was reassuring to have you present and we commend you on the degree of professionalism exhibited.

Kevin S.  PA

Brian, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all of your hard work and superior protective service during TNT's live broadcast of Mr. X event at the X museum. 

With many different crews and so many moving parts, the event was one of the largest and most complex that the X Museum has been a part of. Your superior service as Mr. X personal bodyguard and integral member of the security team was greatly appreciated.

Throughout the many weeks of planning the constant communication that you facilitated between all parties proved to be invaluable. You were always one step ahead, keeping everyone informed and spearheading all of the security and protection detail for the crew and guests to the live broadcast, which went without a hitch.

You are extremely professional, and it was truly a pleasure to have worked with you. I look forward to our next opportunity to work together.

Sincerely, Susan M. Executive Director, NYC 

Brian, your assistance in an executive protection capacity was noteworthy and directly contributed to the team's successful completion. It was a pleasure to work with you. Your professionalism and dedication to professionalism are reflected in these events and I commend you on your personal sacrifice. Your actions reflect favorably upon yourself as well as the X Services and X event and are keeping with the finest spirit of the private security industry.

Respectfully, Steve C.  Washington DC

I have known Brian for several years and was able to travel with him and Mr. X to numerous locations and events. You did an excellent job in your position with Mr. X. You have excellent verbal communication skills, are organized, work independently, and are able to effectively multi task to ensure that all necessary steps are completed to ensure the safety of those you protected. You are also a team player and have strong work and service ethic. Brian you are always willing to offer assistance and had an excellent rapport with individuals coordinating events for Mr. X. Whatever the event was, with your help, it was accomplished efficiently, successfully and with a great deal of mutual satisfaction.

Bernt B. WA

I have known Brian Gates on a professional level for the past 15 years. His honesty and integrity are and have been deeply appreciated by my firm and myself personally. My firm has guarded and escorted some of the top names in the entertainment business and private sector. Our firm contracted Brian Gates for the security and protection of a well-known TV talk show host as an acute team member, he handled the advance and close protection of the host and secured the high threat guest members professionally.

Brian Gates also was the communications officer and bravo team leader as our firm handled the homecoming of Hostage in coordination of the US State Department, Mr. Gates was awarded the highest recognition of our firm.

It is with great pleasure that I recommend Brian Gates in the highest fashion and without any reservation. It is assured he will be an asset to you.